Industrial Design


The main purpose of the Department of architecture, product design and industrial design (DAPDID) is to explore and develop theories and empirical processes based on the African cultural artifacts and architectural heritage besides the influence of today’s architecture on our communities and society in general. DAPDID at Godfrey Okoye University (Go University) will focus primarily on exploring, gaining knowledge and understanding the importance and the influence of architecture, product design and industrial design on several societal issues.

The aims of the DAPDID are summed as follows:

The basic assumption underlining this aim is that establishing DAPDID at GO University can contribute in improving productive and manufacturing sector, which is essential to cultural, social, and economic transformation of Nigeria, sub-Saharan African and the world at large.

The objectives of the DAPDID are summed as follows:

To provide an important reference educational institution on Architecture, product design, and industrial design (DAPDID) at GO University to address and contribute positively in solving several political, social, cultural and economic issues limiting transformation strategies developed to improve the society;

To serve as a key reference education institution in DAPDID in connection with various developmental and manufacturing programmes and on-going projects initiatives within sub-sahara Africa and the world at large;

To promote an effective and efficient educational institution with primary focus on African architectural heritage as well as product design and industrial design;


General philosophy in Architecture Education

The philosophy of the architecture programme draws from both the national philosophy for architectural Education and the Go University philosophy. The training in architecture infuses a three-pronged cultural, religious and epistemic dialogue in the art and science of planning, design erection, commissioning, maintenance , management and co-ordination of allied professional inputs in the development of the environment. Current social, political, economical, psychological and technological environment drives the content of all the courses of the architecture programme.


Aims and objectives of the Architecture programmes

 The GO University Architecture programme is aimed at:

a)      Infusing in student an understanding of the context of the design and construction in physical, cultural, social, economic and technological terms.

b)      Equipping the student with adequate knowledge, creativity, specialized skills and leadership capabilities that will enable the student to co-ordinate and control the design and construction processes and inputs there to by allied and executors.


c)      Providing the student with the knowledge and skill base from which he/she can proceed to further studies in architecture or related areas.

d)     Provide the student with entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to enable him/her to be self-reliant.

e)      A high-quality of professional education aimed at producing Architects capable of understanding and solving complex technical and environmental problems as well as applying the knowledge to tackle and co-ordinate other relation professional inputs in the development of the environment.