The Microbiology programme is designed to provide sound understanding of the concepts of micro-organisms in relation to mankind and the environment. The study of microbes is critical in our current understanding of basic biological processes. It has also contributed to numerous aspects of Microbiology, dealing with the study of microorganisms and their role at the molecular level in the pathogenesis of infectious diseases. We also look at the impact of microbiology on the development of fermentation industry and biotechnology products such as antibiotics, pharmaceutical proteins, vaccines, etc.

Objectives of the Programme.

The programme is designed to give students the broad exposure to the theory and practice of microbiology and particularly to educate them in the various applications of microbiology in medicine, industry, agriculture, environment and other fields of human endeavour.

VISION:- Our vision is to achieve reputation and produce qualified microbiologists in the world in which the science of microbiology will provide maximum benefits in the society and empower communities worldwide.

MISSION:- To thrive in excellence in impacting knowledge, research and professional services and to provide the most rigorous and inspiring training in the discipline of microbiology, contributing to the prestige of the faculty.