The physical science programs are designed to provide sound understanding of the principles governing the behaviour of the physical universe, particularly the interaction of forces and matter and an application of the scientific method and its application in industries.

The philosophy of the program include training personnel from a wide range of discipline and backgrounds to the highest academic standards in the identification and resolution of environmental, geological and mining problems emanating from human and environmental activities; in the provision of a firm bases for creative work in the field of physical science and technology and offereing critical background for several other professionals applied science discipline.


The programme of the departments are specifically aimed at producing graduates who can be of service to the public and who can satisfy the needs and aspirations of the society from which they are drawn

Specifically the geology and mining, geography and environmental management programmes are aimed at producing high quality geological environmental professionals by training students to:

  • Acquire sufficient and relevant academic and technical knowledge and skills for dealing with the problems of our environment

  • Develop skills for geological and environmental auditing and/or building up reliable geographic information systems that lead to enlightened geology and environment based policy and decision making.

  • Develop a wide range of useful competence in public, private or self-employed.

  • The physical science programmes are designed to:

  • Provide students with a broad and balanced foundation of physics knowledge and practical skills

  • Instill in students a sense of enthusiasm for physics and appreciation for its application in industries

Develop in students through an education in physics a range of transferable skills of value in physics and other areas

Provide students with the knowledge and skills based for further studies in physics or multi-disciplinary areas involving physics.